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 How R Dogs Work in PvP

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Little Grasshoppa
Little Grasshoppa

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PostSubject: How R Dogs Work in PvP   Sun Mar 09, 2008 3:25 am

I have friends in the R Dogs.
Many of them are old clan mates. and Friends in Real Life Smile

Each person when is joining the clan has a trial membership to see in which parts of the pvp is good like Target select / heal / debuff ...

Dogs have a target selector in Macro. That person always takes the target that the hole party will be targeted.
When this person dies the have the Second Target selector that does the same think.

Usually this pesron is the Leader of the party or the healler.

The person who targets the healler dies first. (Macro)
They protect the buffer/healer first. then the OL (CP restore) and then the party leader.

They have allways a BD and a SWS in the party for constant Dances/Songs.

That way they allways have the same target. (i've talked about it in a previous topic)

The target selector targets first the healers. Then The BDs and the SWSs...
Then they target all the Mages (lowest p def) then the light armors (medium p def) and they leave the tankers and the heavy armors for Lats cause.. u know... useless in that kinda pvp... a tank alone is a dead tank.

The moment someone flags - that moment he gets targeted. but not always killed. If the one that flags is a mage he get killed. if not tey hit him till healler begins to heal him and flag. That way the kill the healler first. and then all others.

They all have Over Enchanted armors and weapons.

Theyr partyies usually r constacted like :
1. Bishop
2. BD
3. SWS
4. WC / OL (Always COV)
5. Secondary Healer (to rez the first one)
6 - end . Archers.

They ALL use Macros with assist.
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Ninja Turtle
Ninja Turtle

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PostSubject: Re: How R Dogs Work in PvP   Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:32 am

the macro approach will fail for them largely, if..

;the oppositing party used a tank to pull their targets.

lol @ that.
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Karate Kid
Karate Kid

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PostSubject: nice   Wed Mar 12, 2008 3:30 am

nice topic,everybody should read it and practice......
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PostSubject: Re: How R Dogs Work in PvP   

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How R Dogs Work in PvP
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