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Little Grasshoppa
Little Grasshoppa

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Makros... Empty
PostSubject: Makros...   Makros... Icon_minitimeMon Mar 31, 2008 2:31 am

First of all... U all need to know the commands of L2. ---->
THey all apply to Makros.

I will make some examples of Makros and u will all get the point.

Oh... U will also need to know that making makros works also with drag and drop (items in the skills Bar) to the 00 / 01 / 02 etc etc.

EX. 00 : /target Acrobatis (targets Acrobatis)
EX. 00: /target Acrobatis , 01: /assist (assist Acrobatis)
EX. 00: / target Acrobatis , 01: /useskill Greater Heal (use G heal to Acrobatis)
EX. 00: /target Acrobatis , 01: /target Acrobatis (Follow on Acrobatis)
EX. (put CP pots in 2nd Skill Bar , 1st slot) 00 : / useshortcut 2 1 (2 for the the Bar number / 1 for the slot in the specific bar)
EX. Spam ex 10 CP pots : 00 : / useshortcut 2 1 , 01 : /delay 1 , 02 : /useshortcut 2 1 , 03 : /delay 1 etcetc (that way it uses CP pot and then it waits for 1 sec and continues to 02 etc etc)
EX. When u want to attack someone without using CTRL button : 00: /useskillforce "skill name"
EX. When u want to specify a person u want to attack : 00: /target Acrobatis , 01 : /useskillforce "skill name"
EX. Archer nice makro would be : 00 / target "name" (or have already a target) , 01 : /useskillforce Stunshot , (in that point u have to see how much time ur char would be ready to use another skill. 1 sec? 2 sec? Cause u have to be in idle mode to be ready to use the the next makro bar) , 02 : /delay (EX) 1 , 03 : /useskillforce Double shot

Similar to Useskillforce is /attackforce

For DeBuffs the target must be Flaged... Or else it doesnt work.

If u have any questions about it or need healp in making makros pm me or post down ur question and i will give u the makro.

ALL L2 Commands apply to makros.

(this is a BASIC post... U can do Amazing things with makros...) (target one ... killed then target another ... killed... and all these with just on button)

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Little Grasshoppa
Little Grasshoppa

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Makros... Empty
PostSubject: Pretty Nice   Makros... Icon_minitimeWed Apr 02, 2008 2:01 pm

It is pretty lame that so few know about the macroes and thanks to Acro we should try exercising on the macroes which
can really be very helpfull ... So whoever wants to add some macroes , feel free Surprised
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